Lexus LC – Dragon


Custom designed, dragon themed vinyl wrap with Avery Dennison SW900 Diamond White and reflective accents. The Diamond White metallic base gave this project an extra special element and really made this wrap stand out! Special attention to artwork registration around the entire vehicle to create a seamless, one of a kind look. Exterior vinyl printed on 1460z DOL and mounted on SW900 Diamond white + DOL 1460z lamination, door jambs printed on MPI 1105 + DOL 1460z, chains printed on V4000 reflective + DOL 1380z.


  • Avery Dennison SW900 Diamond White
  • DOL 1460Z
  • DOL 1380z
  • V4000
  • SW900 Gloss Black


洲: North America
区域: North America East
国家: United States
State: New York