Mother-In-Law Special

Project description

The owner of this 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche was tired of the scratches on her truck and the door dings and paint chips. She contemplated selling it. After seeing my 2018 WLAK entry using color change film, she wanted to change her Avalanche completely. Every blue exterior surface was wrapped in Gloss Lightning Ridge film, which was difficult with the door moldings and window visors not being removed from the vehicle. The tailgate lettering was interesting to wrap around also to channel the air out from each letter. The plastic was also restored from a dull look to a refreshed dark gray gloss. After 9 months she’s still in love with the truck and every time she drives it she hears, “Hey, I love that paint!”.

Products used

  • SWF Gloss Ligthning Ridge Green/Purple

Project location

Continent: North America
Region: North America West
Country: United States
State: Oregon