Atomic E60

Descripción del proyecto

How many colors can you print? I re-wrap the BMW every 12-18 months and was tired of the single color blah that everyone is doing. I want our shop and my car to catch someone’s eye and remember who we are when it came time for them to get some work done. I wanted something LOUD and obnoxious but to show off the skill it takes to pull it off. I am and always have been a fan of Ken Block and his liveries, so that’s where I started with an idea of Ken Blocks car on acid. It took a bit of design time to figure out just how to get all of the panels to line up with all of the hard lines. Once the design was figured out it was time to remove the previous wrap and hit the new one hard using MPI 1105 and pairing it with DOL 1360z. It sure gets a lot of looks and a lot of hate from the BMW purists.

Productos utilizados

  • MPI 1105
  • DOL 1360z

Ubicación del proyecto

Continente: North America
Región: North America West
País: United States
State: Oregon